The castle in Brzeg

The date when the castle was built is not known. There was the small fortress in 1235 during the reign of Henry with Beard.

Probably this castle wasn’t built in brick. There was a moat and defensive walls.

At the end of 13th century Bolko I built  the square tower  called „The Tower of Lions” next to the castle. In 1342 the castle got the official status of the capital of the duchy. This situation made the castle be often  rebuilt and modernized.

First the castle consisted of one building. In 1358 Ludwik I started the expansion of the castle. He built the new building. Another big expansion was made by Frideryk II in 1544. The works were finished in 1560. This expansion changed the gothic fortress into the ranaissance residence. Not many monarchs had such residences in those days. Two new wings of the castle were built. They surounded the big courtyard with the ambulatory.

The tower gate was butli in 1554 and it was the entrance to the castle. The decoration on the gate shows the busts of the Piast princes.